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Precarious Life

by DMG,

I'm not homeless. But if my mother should pass away, I will be.

I'm a former paramedic in BC who hit the wall with PTSD. Our compensation system failed me. After years trying to keep working, I ultimately failed there as well. We've little access to trauma-informed treatment due to the fact that psychological services aren't covered under any Universal Health Care Schemes.

The Province of BC erects barriers. Persons with Disabilities Benefits are far too low for anyone disabled permanently from working to secure any sense of independent life.

Our Compensation System failed me.

I'm now living on CPP-D that will not cover rent should my mother pass away.

I'm one of the many in Canada that should that one-more-thing go wrong for me?

I'll be in the street.

I'm tired. Worn out fighting systems. Worn out advocating for myself and others, and I hear only talk from both levels of Government, with neither the Federal Government nor the Province of BC willing to accept that some of us will be disabled from working for life, through no fault of our own.

Once in this boat?

We need real income that covers real costs for an independent life.

That's what's needed. That's what's missing in my own life to protect me from future homelessness.

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