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Time at work that I am not paid for

by aznlilboy88,

Hello government of Canada,

I am a flight attendant for Air Canada and I find that I've been giving out to much of my time at work and I am not getting paid for it. I will list you a lot of example so you will be able to determine if it is fair our not. 

1. Show up at work 1 hour or sometime 1.5 hours before departure time. That's mean we have to be at the gate of our flight 1 hour before departure time to prepare the airplane like safety check on the equipment, count the meal, make sure we will have enough food and drinks, make sure all our equipment is ready to be used and for the briefing before flight. Doing all that without getting paid since we are only starting to get paid when the door of the airplane is close and the aircraft has push back.

2. Stop getting paid 15 minute after the pilot has put the break on the aircraft. Some flight required a lot of time to deplane every one like the flight from New Delhi there is sometime over 65 wheelchair passenger and it take about 45 minute or more to complete de planing and we don't get paid for that.

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