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Legal Information: #ReducePoverty in Canada Contest

Personal information consent/entry form

In addition to their submission, participants will be asked to share personal information with ESDC in the entry form.

If the participant is 17 years old or under, a parent or legal guardian must consent on their behalf.  Upon request, participants must provide a signed “parent or legal guardian consent” form. 

Privacy notice statement

By participating in the contest, you consent to the Department’s privacy notice statement and privacy policy.

Statement and licence

By sharing your submission, you are confirming that it is your own original work, you meet the eligibility requirements of the contest and you will allow the Department to use your entry for informational or promotional purposes, including your name, city and photograph.  This includes permission to translate, adapt or modify your entry.

Release and exclusion of liability

By entering the contest, you agree to release ESDC from any future actions in connection with your participation.

ESDC will not be responsible for lost, incomplete, late or misdirected entries related to any type of technical malfunction.