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Additional measures?

about 2 years ago
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Are there any additional measures that could be taken to improve caregiving-related EI benefits and leave provisions under the Canada Labour Code for caregivers?

Please explain.

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  • Lauraconsult over 3 years ago
    Adoption if a child, of any age, from anywhere should receive equal consideration for leave benefits as born toThe exclusion of adoptive parents from full maternity and parental benefits harms the child and the entire familyAdoptive children bring special demands on any family and each family has a need to work with the new to them child to ensure the best possible outcome for their child and familyCutting short the time allowed to be with their new child is unfair
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    • johnnyeh over 3 years ago
      I fully agree that the exclusion of adoptive parents from accessing parental benefits for the first year of a child's life is an issue. I would like to see parental benefits become more flexible so that families can determine which combination of parents they want to stay at home with an infant for the child's first year of life. Research points to the benefits of children being at home with a parent for the first year of life, so the current structure of maternity and parental leave needs to be restructured to support this. A change in support of adoptive parents would also benefit other families, too, including same-sex couples, single fathers, and children in families in which the mother is unable to stay at home with an infant (self-employed, student, living with a disability, etc.). Thanks to Lauraconsult for raising this issue.
  • Helene over 3 years ago
    I strongly believe that there should be benefits which would be paid to the parent(s) of a child who has been diagnosed as "disabled" so that the parent can take some time off work and receive some amount of ei benefit for the care of that child when they are not in school. The situation I am specifically referring to is that when the special needs child is not in school during the summer/Christmas break there is no where for this child to go to have care/ As the child is mute and is not potty trained, although she is 8 years of age; day camps and other institutions are not accessible. The parent then has to take time off work to be home to care for the child. I believe this government should improve the care-giving for this parents/care-givers in this situation.
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    • Danielle over 3 years ago
      I strongly agree with this. Parents of school aged children with intellectual disabilities who are not potty trained are not accepted in municipal day camps during March break and Christmas break and parts of the summer months. Parents are required to take unpaid leave for this time as there is no other affordable alternative. EI (with a doctor's note indicating the child is disabled and unable to go to the washroom independently) is an option which could respond to this need.
  • Anne Makhoul over 3 years ago
    The Caledon Institute of Social Policy's Vice President Sherri Torjman has just released a paper entitled "Compassionate Care Benefits within Employment Insurance." We would respectfully like to submit this paper for consideration. Link:
  • Christine over 3 years ago
    Increase access with a lower entrance requirement. Increase benefit especially for low-income families.
  • TimDeelstra over 3 years ago
    There should be benefits provided with a lower threshold and in more cases. EI is supposed to exist to provide security for us when we are having the worst experiences.
  • leonard over 3 years ago
    In many situations, the caregiver is a spouse who cares for his partner who has had a stoke or similar misfortune. The current discussion does not seem to include retirees and their situation
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    • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
      This discussion is a farce they have already made up their mind to exclude as many caregivers as possible with these benefits. Give then claw back mentality.
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      • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
        These discussions in general are a farce. Not this one I agree something should be done for retirees. At the very least provide survivor benefit while giving care to a loved one.
  • Debora1 over 3 years ago
    Increase access with a lower entrance requirement. Increase benefit especially for low-income families.
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    • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
      600 hours to qualify for CCB is utterly impossible while caring for ALS victim full-time. Low income caregivers are hit the hardest, we have sold everything so I can care for my wife the way she wants.Joany's Journey with ALS
  • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
    #1 Right the wrong caused by this non retroactive clause and honor the hard working caregivers from 2015 still caring for loved ones in 2016.#2 If the benefit will not be used by any other family member, award benefit to primary caregiver no qualifications required.#3 Upon approval for CPPD for patient, award CPP survivor benefit to primary caregiver for duration of care and there after.#4 Federal health rules to ease travel restrictions within Canada for disabled and terminally ill.#5 Financial support in lieu of care facility services.#6 Rv should be considered for adaptive funding just as your home would be.#7 More accountability on how charities such as ALS Canada work and spend money.#8 Canada wide health care coverage without the threat of being billed#9 Canada wide coverage for essential medical equipment without threat of being billed.#10 Perscription drug coverage for terminally ill.ALS victim and care giver living on $881 per month income before health expenses.We have made Joany's Journey with ALS possible by selling everything we own.
  • pwwbear over 3 years ago
    There should be financial help to those who do not qualify for any of the benefits, and for those who cannot work because caregiving is 24/7/365.