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Employer perspective

about 2 years ago
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As an employer, if EI benefits and/or unpaid job-protected leave were made available to a wider range of caregivers, what impact would this have on your business?

Please explain.

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  • ThereVeg over 3 years ago
    As an Assistant Manager, having a wider range of job protection leave for caregivers is required to match the current needs of employees. Doing this will create clarity for all parties involved. Plus, the government needs to be the leader in positive employment practices.
  • wjohnstone over 3 years ago
    As a small business owner, I am fully in agreement with a period of job protected leave for employees to deal with a care related family situation. I do however, believe there needs to be a defined period of time. It is difficult to hold a job indefinitely for an employee, and also unfair to the person stepping in to fill the position while the employee is off.
  • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
    Who really gives a dam what the impact is. Family first is what we are taugh in Canada, leave the accountants out of this just send them the bill.If your employer does not understand compassionate care leave, we have the wrong kind of employers in this country. The days of a company reaching out and helping one employee are long gone for the most part. So why should we care what the impact is to their wallets when a loved one is facing a terminal illness.