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Unpaid leave provisions

about 2 years ago
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Mother and daughter

Should there be unpaid leave provisions under the Canada Labour Code to protect a caregiver’s job while they are off work to provide care, even if they are not eligible for EI benefits?

Please share your views and experience.

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  • PPH over 3 years ago
    Unless the labour laws change in Ontario, workplaces with less than 50 employees are not obligated to provide any personal emergency leave protections to their workers. And, even if they did, it would not be paid. For this reason, it is imperative that workers find some protections and support through the federal EI program. If a worker (caregiver) did not qualify for EI benefits, they should receive job protection through the Canadian Labour Code by way of an unpaid leave.- Peterborough Public Health
  • Sarah994 over 3 years ago
    Ideally, yes.
  • Christine over 3 years ago
    Workers are too often afraid to take time off work to care for family members because they fear they will lose their job or suffer other penalties (schedule changes, demotion, poor treatment, etc.). Job protection for caregivers when taking leave, will ensure that families have the care they need without fear of losing income.
  • TimDeelstra over 3 years ago
    Absolutely there should be job protection. Family is important and people shouldn't have to worry about losing a job while they're looking after a loved one who needs them.
  • john nenka over 3 years ago
    Of course. 100% .for the welfare of the caretaker who doesn't need the added stress of losing ones job. all that stress can cause illness to the caregiver and then they need care........ Cycle continues
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    • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
      I agree after 19 months of caring for my wife, I am just about at me breaking point. This stress is mostly caused by navigating the health/welfare system and fighting for benefits.We have managed this horrible disease to the point of adventure, yet the government has made this a nightmare for us.Joany's Journey with ALS
  • rjpatenaude over 3 years ago
    How can you not qualify for EI if your job is worth protecting ?In our situation, I was a seasonal heavy infrasture (Ontario government contract work) labourer with a mid size company, I am sure I could get hired back the day after my wife dies if it's the right season. laid off January 2015. ALS diagnosis March 2015. 600 insurable hours is pretty easy to get if you haven't left your full time job before diagnosis. It's is utterly impossible to qualify for the new 26 week CCB if you are already caring full time for your loved one. As I was already laid off I started caring for my wife. As we saw with Mr Belanger things can happen rapidly with ALS time is always ticking. I received the 6 week benefit summer of 2015 then when they enacted this new 26 week benefit January 3 2016 we were denied the extra 20 weeks January 11 2016 my 52 week claimant window closes . NO BENEFITS FOR YOU !You keep asking about 20 hour per week what about 18/20 hours per day caregivers. WHAT ABOUT US ?