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Bad Faith Conduct of Employer

by An Employee, about 2 years ago

I have worked at a bank for 6 years, during which I kept focusing on personal and professional development by completing various industrial licensing courses and certificates. At the same time, stayed as a top performer each year.

However, there came a very self focuses unfair manager on my team in my last year of employment who would describe himself as leader so to distinguish from us as a regular worker. He wanted me to do things I didn't think was beneficial for the business and declined. He took it very personally and got back to me personally as well by making up a paper trail in my last six months of employment. I submitted complaint, he dismissed me during the investigation against him. It was very bad fait conduct on the employer side and very sneaky. His upper level covered him up, that is all it takes for an unfair dismissal to happen.

I already submitted my case to Canada Labour Standard and waiting for the trail.

Consultation has concluded