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Job Security

by Wendell,

My issue with the labour force is that in this day and age, employers are more subjective to a person's place in society instead of how their skills can benefit a company. We all go through a necessary training to attain certain skills that are required to do a job. A lot of hard work goes into that. When a person is successful in obtaining certain degrees or certifications then it is within their right to be hired for that job based on their skill set. Today, you make a mistake in the past and in order to rectify it at a cost, how can we do so if employers don't want to hire you based on past situations? It was to my understanding that we live and work in the present world. I do understand that employers and employees need to feel safe and secure in their work environment. However there are certain repurcautions that are faced daily. I think that someone who just found out their wife or husband cheated on them WHILE at work is much more dangerous than someone who did a petty crime back in 1990. I think that there needs to be some leeway given to those whose past crimes are not intertwined with the daily tasks that are set out in their job description. A repeat sex offender WILL NEVER get a job working in a daycare, which is understandable. But if you are going to incur costs on people who need to have a pardon or criminal bavkground check done, then provide jobs fir these people to do so. It's not fair to have people who are willing and able to work, not work because of a circumstance they have already dealt with. The unemployment rate will continue to be higher than it should if there are no changes made to help people in need of work to get work. The reason why people are sitting on social assistance and government aid is because there is no other resource for them, and no assistance in providing programs or jobs specifically for people who aren't able to clear a background check. If avenues are opened for these people then there would be less unemployment, less people trying to juice the resources we barely have and affect the country's economy. This is just a subjective opinion of mine and I am part of this group that is suffering financially in this country. You want to implement and support immigration, but don't want to create avenues for people to get involved and help our economy flourish. Thank you for letting me express my opinion and I hope this can trigger some big moves and changes to better our economy and improve our immigration standards. 

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