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Mobilization and Awareness

by Dan McKillop, over 2 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

What are your ideas of ways to tell Canadians about the potential, and promise, of social innovation and social finance, including new approaches?  What kind of supports or tools could help social enterprises mobilize across sectors?

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Consultation has concluded

  • MikeToye over 2 years ago
    This comment is under review.
  • Hedgehog over 2 years ago
    Partner with CKX on their, just announced, social change platform."In April, Community Foundations of Canada (the host partner of CKX) and the Carold Institute announced a partnership that would see both organizations invest in CKX to develop and expand programs to support and enable opportunities for reflective practice, deep learning and knowledge exchange for leaders who are driving social change.""[...] we’re issuing an open invitation to others who are willing to contribute and be a part of this shared platform."http://ckx.org/2017/10/a-fundamental-shift-for-ckx/