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Capacity and Skills

by Dan McKillop, over 2 years ago
CLOSED: This discussion has concluded.

What program supports could help Canadians develop new solutions to social and economic challenges?  What new skills would be most helpful for social entrepreneurs and people who work in community organizations to enable innovative approaches (design thinking, research and development methods, etc.)?

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Consultation has concluded

  • Paul Chamberlain over 2 years ago
    Social enterprises that train and hire people with employment barriers effectively enhance their employ-ability and economic opportunities. For these kind of enterprises to scale up supports to these social entrepreneurs need to include business training, mentor-ship opportunities (by peers adn industry entrepreneurs) and social purchasing policies.
  • unicefcanada over 2 years ago
    Involving kids in solutions. How Canada's children and adolescents are faring is not well, according to different multidimensional measures. Many countries with less wealth achieve better outcomes and create more fairness. This is a broad concern, not just (but worse) among marginalized groups. Kids excel at design thinking and can help identify and solve problems to shift some of the particularly lagging indicators if we create capacity through dedicated and focused innovation labs and challenges.
  • Hedgehog almost 3 years ago
    See Nesta's - What are the skills and attitudes for successful public problem solving?Accelerating learning: Exploring and experimenting to identify knowledge gaps, create new understanding and inform decision-making in new waysWorking together: Engaging with citizens and multiple stakeholders to ensure co-creation and collaborative ownership of new solutionsLeading change: Creating space for innovation and driving change processes to mobilise people, inspire action and ensure strategic outcomeshttp://www.nesta.org.uk/sites/default/files/nesta_pps_competency_framework_june2017_1_0.pdf