A Book and Cafe : Transforming Community through Youth Skills Development

by Brent Pudsey,

In    Winnipeg,    there is  a  social  enterprise ,  known  as    Sam's  Place.   It is  a   cafe ,   theater/ meeting  centre , with  a used bookstore.    Youth  are trained in,  food preparation ,    customer  service  and  working  a  cash register.   Individuals ,    organizations and  groups,  utilize the space for meetings,  musical  and theatrical  performances ,   lectures,   readings and discussions.   Patrons , browse   books and   support  community economic   development  in      Winnipeg, in  Manitoba  , around    Canada  and the world.

This past summer, I  helped out  as  a  volunteer with the summer  reading program , assisting with  one to one  reading with children,   with  games ,  with crafts and with   book scavenger hunts.   I also help  set   up  and clean up   activities .

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