Connecting health innovators with the support they need

by Azimuth Health Group,


Many of us have creative ideas to improve health or healthcare. Large organizations often have dedicated staff to scan for opportunities to support innovation. Smaller social innovators rarely do. 

Launched earlier this year, 3iOntario is designed to address this gap for health innovators and innovation champions in Ontario. From travel grants for patients and digital health hackathons to large research grant competitions and province-wide RFPs, we share a range of current opportunities each week. It's a free service provided by Ontario's health innovation brokers, supported by the Office of the Chief Health Innovation Strategist at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. 

Since the service launched in June 2017, it has profiled over $580 million in opportunities for support. A recent survey of subscribers found that all respondents had identified new opportunities via 3iOntario. Three-quarters of those seeking support said that they had already pursued opportunities seen in 3iOntario to advance their ideas for improving health and health care or plan to do so.

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