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Empowering people & strengthening our community - A look into Causeway

by Causeway, 27 Oct 2017

Causeway is a not-for-profit agency that helps people with mental health issues and other challenges find rewarding work and live more independently.

Causeway transforms lives and fuels community economic development through an integrated network of innovative training and employment programs, one-on-one support, and by creating socially-minded businesses.

Here are a few examples of the programs and services that Causeway offers to clients:

Causeway's Entrepreneurial Program (CEO)

Causeway’s CEO Program supports the dreams & aspirations of disabled entrepreneurs who want to start their own business while on ODSP.

Cycle Salvation

Cycle Salvation is a social enterprise under Causeway that provides supportive employment training while refurbishing and selling used bikes. This documentary on Causeway’s Social Enterprise won the Columbus Film Festivals best short, video documentary in 2013. Learn more about Cycle Salvation at

Krackers Katering

Krackers Katering is the longest operating employment-based social enterprise in Ottawa, Krackers offers professional catering services while also providing supportive employment and culinary training. Learn more about Krackers Katering at

Right Bike

Right Bike is Causeway's newest social enterprise that provides bike services such as bike repairs and bike rentals while providing supportive employment. Learn more about them at

For more information on Causeway please visit:

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