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My Home province and its housing issues

by arthur irving,

I live in Halifax's and our Province has a system where the people from here are allowed less that the new people coming to live here from other countries.

The native residents are allowed some $777.00 per month for rent to live on if you are living on a pension and Assisted housing, A landed immigrant is given $2700.00 per month for the same province. we are allowed some twenty five dollars to buy supplies to keep you home clean, and about two hundred to buy food. 100.00 for heat and you must pay your own power which is around another 100.00 so that ads up to well over a thousand dollars. Do you know anyone with a disability that makes that much money? I don't. Then the landed immigrants are allowed to have another three thousand dollars for incidentals per month to get things like a car, and clothing, and food and entertainment etc. So there is a great difference in the amounts as one can see.. Now comes the best part. Food in Nova Scotia is the highest in Canada. now not to be fooled as the Government tells us that of course the NWT and Nunavik pays more, but they don't say that they are reimbursed in the amount of somewhere between 100 to two hundred per day for living where they do, so with their subsidy they pay less than does a person living in NS. Our Government allows a new citizen enough to live in one of the brand new units being built around our city, but someone who lived here their whole life is forced to live in Yeppers you guessed it. Every place else and these are all owned by Slum landlords who get those who are native to the country. 

Then we have another system where we have a tenancies board that keeps anyone native to Canada from ever laying a charges against any landlord for say having no heat for years, or maybe you have holes in your walls or no windows in your home, or filled with bugs or just about any thing left to think about. This is everywhere Canada folks. You make a complaint and it is as much as going against your province or federal government. And I will try and tell you why.

The people who run the cities are all people who you would think are there to represent we the people, but in fact they are there to line their pockets by selling all the public lands they can talk the city council into parting with, and some of these councilors are family members of the realtors who then after buying the public lands come back and ask to borrow money from the province. Guess what comes next? You should have guessed by now. if not, well in the provincial level governments you will find same named people in the Provincial level governments dealing with issues like procurements and loans to development of new projects throughout the provinces. Next come the point where a time comes when the province has to make people responsible for the loans and grants given them, and the people who deal with this are justice and provincial level representatives who are yet again  from the same families. They tell them to sell the properties just before the last unit is sold, and the people who get these are yet family members who are already in debt, so they get to use these new purchases as debt relief because they bought theses just before there was no money left in the project, but they don't have the responsibility of the dept., the past owners don't have to pay them back because they sold them for a loss, and the family gets rich. So when you make a complaint, these people never allow a complaint to ever be resolved on behalf of the tenants so that it fails to draw attention to the corruption found in the sale and loans found throughout our government who are supposed to be making assure that everyone has a safe warm place to live.

The tenancies board hold meeting prior to hearing with the landlords so they can have a good idea as to how they can help the landlord and what information must be kept from the files so that when and if you appeal the appeal doesn't include anything which would be detrimental to the landlord. So this means the provincial tenancies board re rigged along with the rest. All of these are to cut the wages down to a lower amount as they are no shipping jobs from our country so the companies can pay little to no wages, they ignore the wage laws which demand they use Canadian people and to assist in this they are now importing theses same people here so that they no longer have to ship the payments overseas so they don't draw attention. So that is my story on how we the people are being kept poor and the only way to avoid this is to vote for an individual person rather than a party from this point on and pick one who is going to assure that he/she is going to help your area, and the moment they fail, ask to have them removed and have another election. Don't vote for any more parties as they are all corrupt in this great land and we the people have to get is back. Until then we are no claswserd as forth class people in our country by our poloticians.

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janet7873 over 4 years ago
thank you for saying what I have been thinking
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