FoodLocker - an app developed by high school students, for high school students.

by Aliya Frendo,

My name is Aliya Frendo and I'm part of a group of five girls in Ottawa who have developed a mobile app called FoodLocker. Our app gets healthy food to students at our school, Lisgar Collegiate Institute, who might not be able to afford it otherwise. To use the program, a student downloads the app, orders a "food box" that suits their needs, and has that food delivered to an unused school locker. They are given the locker combination and can pick up the food whenever it suits them - without anyone noticing that they're getting help. The whole process is confidential so students don't have to shy away from asking for help. We get the food through community stores, food drives, and purchase it using money from our grants. We've also included healthy recipes, soap, school supplies, and sanitary products to our "boxes".

Right now, FoodLocker is launched on the Google Play store. In the future, we hope to turn the app into a Web Portal, so the program can be accessible through any device. We have big dreams for FoodLocker, and have had offers from schools across Ottawa to install the program at their school. 

We're always looking for community allies, so if you're interested email us at 



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Consultation has concluded

vtcec3 over 3 years ago
Wow, this is such a great idea! I will definitely be chatting to my executive director about this. What a wonderful way to make food sharing more inclusive but still keep it comfortable. Thanks for sharing!
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