Road Safety Invention

I moved out of Canada at a young age, and was stationed abroad where my parents pursued their careers. During my time residing abroad, road safety was one of the most pressing issues.

Not only were traffic fatalities destroying societies before my very eyes, but many of my friends died behind the wheel. This pushed me to take matters into my own hands, and work on finding solutions to this global tragedy. I reached out to a US based inventor, and together we executed on bringing a road safety device to market.

The Lifebelt, once installed in a vehicle will prevent it from starting until the driver has his/her seat belt fastened. Furthermore, if the driver removes the seat belt while driving, power to the radio and navigation screen will be temporarily disabled. We launched campaign after campaign in a multitude of countries, and worked with various partners, policy makers and industry leaders. Throughout this process, we used our profits to increase road safety awareness in the countries where we conducted business.

Today, we co-own a patent that covers any device, method or system that links between the vehicles ignition, and seat belt. This technology can potentially save auto-manufacturers huge costs, by allowing them to save weight on vehicles they produce due to "belt less user laws" in many countries. This law forces auto makers to increase safety standards to conform to an accident scene where the driver is not buckled up. 

Having a system like this can allow them to save that production weight, save costs, and can save millions on tonnes of emissions as a result of lighter vehicles. The intellectual property has been independently valued at 8 figures.

I hope to bring this ingenuity back to Canada soon, not only to face traffic related deaths, but also to encourage and inspire our younger generations. Every idea and every innovation may only be a phone call away from success. To everyone reading this from behind their screen let me tell you from experience, This generation of youth is the strongest, most intellectual, most capable and most persistent wave of youth in history. Do not ever let anyone tell you that you cannot make a difference.

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