We are working to increase social procurement in our organization and our community

by courtneymo,

Spending can improve social and environmental outcomes. Our charitable mission in Calgary is to support community economic development and so we look to see if our spending is either helping or hindering our mission. We aim to buy from the entrepreneurs that graduate from our programs, from social enterprises in our community, from co-operatives, and other business that demonstrates positive social, environmental, and economic returns. We celebrate the purchasing decision that drives impact and work with staff to understand that cheaper does not always mean better. This is a tool that we share with staff and other organizations in Calgary. http://www.momentum.org/files/Publications/think3-2017.pdf 

Government and charities can further their impact by analyzing their spending and prioritizing purchasing from businesses that benefit from the community.  More and more municipalities are embracing social procurement and we hope to inspire the City of Calgary and the Government of Canada to enhance social procurement. 

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Consultation has concluded

Eden Yesh over 3 years ago
Great work Courtney and Momentum!
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