Community HUB

A hundred years ago spiritual institutions were community hubs. We are bringing back that concept through Community Innovation Hubs, Co-working Spaces, Makerspaces and Agrihoods. Spiritual institutions have up to 75% unused or underutilized space. This provides an opportunity to Engage and Give Back to the Community.

Free space, workshops, roundtable discussions, elearning, mentoring is provided to small businesses, social enterprises, non profits and charities who want to learn, grow and give back to community. Our plan is to create up to 300 locations across the country in mosques, synagogues, temples, parishes and churches to share and give back on a national basis achieving community economic impact and positive measurable achievements.

A key resource we use is a book, The GiveBack Economy which shows how to set up and operate a social enterprise and apply corporate social responsibility.

We also motivate individuals and groups through our Social Innovation Challenges in several communities.

We are seeking partners to help us grow our model throughout Canada to make a positive change through measurable results.

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MikeToye almost 6 years ago
Spiritual institutions still play an important community role and the initiatives you describe are very interesting. Congratulations on the valuable book -- others can find out more here: